Office Tips: Lose The Wallet

For those who sit at a desk all day, or sit anywhere all day, it’s important to employ good posture and work comfortably. This includes removing your wallet from your back pocket, if that’s where it is kept.

I had a client visit  CBD Physio complaining of lower back pains that were affecting his posture and forcing him to take breaks to stretch his back several times throughout the day. He was a young office worker and perhaps wasn’t across some of the tricks professional life requires.

As a physio, I knew exactly what his problem was, but curiously I had learned this particular ‘first world problem’ from an episode of Seinfeld. One evening I was sitting at home, watching the episode where George orders a posturepedic chair and where his wallet explodes in the street – it’s a good episode. George had a wallet in which he kept an excess of items: money from foreign countries, too many receipts, vouchers he could never redeem, sugar sachets (!!), and it became almost impossible for him to fold and sit on.

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When George did sit on it, caused him to sit on an angle and caused great back pain. George’s stubbornness and embarrassment caused him to cling to the tradition of the bulky wallet, even though Jerry kept trying to convince him to change.

I advised this young man that keeping his wallet in his back pocket was fine, but sitting on it for any longer than 10 or 20 minutes at a time would make this pain far, far worse; also, to remove anything unnecessary from his wallet.

My advice as a physiotherapist, and as a wallet carrying adult, is when at a desk, in the car, at the cinema, at a wedding – wherever – take a moment to routinely remove your wallet from the rear right pocket and place it in a bag or jacket pocket as it is best to avoid this type of discomfort rather than receive professional treatment.


By Ashton Lucas
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