3 Tips To Reduce Neck Pain and Bad Posture

Neck pain is very common and there are many and varied reasons why people suffer from it. Work-related, or ergonomic, neck pain can originate from prolonged time spent in front of computers and desks. The pain can be local to the neck or referred to the shoulders, head or arm region. There are a few facts you should remember about your neck, in order to prevent pain or any muscle strain from occurring:

1. The neck is a very flexible part of our body and is supported by 7 vertebrae and many muscles. It also supports the weight of the head (about 5-6 kilograms in the average adult). The weight of the head is designed to be taken directly through the vertebrae. These bones are strong and can withstand prolonged loading easily.

2. The muscles support the bones and allow movement of the head. Poking the neck forward, also known as protraction, can happen frequently with prolonged computer usage and sitting in front of a desk. This dramatically increases the load on the neck and often results in pain.

3. Interestingly – for every 1 centimetre your head moves forward from the anatomically neutral position, the relative weight of your head increases by 1.5 kilograms. It’s little wonder that leaning forward at desks creates pain in your neck and shoulders, and creates the need for back and shoulder exercises!

The physiotherapists at CBD Physiotherapy in Sydney, are all Masters-trained and highly skilled in ergonomic assessment. We can locate the source of your neck pain and more importantly alleviate that pain. We use treatments such as remedial massage and deep tissue massage, as well as general physiotherapy treatment. By assigning shoulder and back exercises after your consultation, we give you the power to deal with your pain between visits and the knowledge to prevent it from happening again.

avoid neck pain and bad posture

By Ashton Lucas
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