CBD Physio – Why Choose Us?

At CBD Physio, we offer treatment for a range of injuries. We believe it’s important to work with you to find the most effective treatment and help you to prevent the injury from reoccurring. Our staff are highly qualified and use an analytical approach in the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of muscle and joint disorders

We combine different treatments, including remedial massage, deep tissue massage and pregnancy massage, with general physiotherapy where needed, to add extra relief. General physiotherapy includes manual treatments such as joint mobilisations, manipulations, massage and stretches. We also look into the use of electrotherapy for pain relief and support. We offer acupuncture, dry needling and pilates techniques for the best outcome from your injury.

Our physiotherapists are trained to find the cause of your injury, treat it, and inform you of the best way to prevent it from happening again. This knowledge will prove to be beneficial to you overcoming your injury and noticing a positive change in your movements in future.

There are similarities between physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic treatment, in that all three have the aim of treating musculoskeletal pain through some kind of hands-on manipulation. While all three treatments are beneficial in providing recovery from an injury, our physiotherapists combine different treatments with general physiotherapy for effective recovery. We advise our clients of the most effective ways to prevent an injury from reoccurring and encourage exercises to increase mobility and movement in the injured area.

We offer advice for health problems that specifically affect men or women, such as post-pregnancy treatments, peri or post-menopause and post-prostate cancer care. In all cases, our physiotherapists provide you with the best treatment for your problems and advise you of the best way to overcome them. Our staff practise care, discretion and confidentiality with each client at all times, so that you feel comfortable and confident that they are providing you with the most effective treatment possible.

By Ashton Lucas
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