The Benefits of Walking For Exercise

When you’re active and love to exercise, suffering from sports injuries can be devastating. All that hard work you did to get to the level of fitness you enjoy seems to be for nothing. Being told by a sports physiotherapist or doctor that you can’t do the exercise you love – like running or weights – is disappointing, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can’t do any exercise at all.

How can I exercise now?
There are many low-impact sports you can do that won’t aggravate your injury further and that can aid in recovery. Stretching-based exercise such as yoga or pilates can be modified to work around your injury and are often recommended by health practitioners. Swimming can also be a great way to do some cardio – but make sure you check with your physiotherapist or doctor before you start – some shoulder injuries could be aggravated by swimming. Another great way to do some cardio without making your injury worse is by walking.

Walking – a great low-impact exercise
If you’ve suffered from a back or leg injury, your options for exercise can be limited. Running, cycling and weights are often completely out of the question until the injury has healed. Walking is a great way to exercise while you’re recovering, and it will benefit you in the following ways:

1. You’ll still increase your heart rate
Even though you won’t get your heart racing as much as you’re used to from fast cycling or running, walking is still a good cardio workout. Raising the incline on a treadmill or choosing a route with a lot of hills if you walk outdoors will help you to raise your heart rate without putting too much strain on your injury.

2. You’ll maintain a healthy weight
Any physical exercise will help to burn fat and calories. Your body continues to burn fat and calories even after you finish exercising. By eating healthily and walking for 30 minutes every day, you’ll be able to maintain your weight even with an injury.

3. You’ll decrease the chances of making your injury worse
Since walking is a low-impact exercise, that doesn’t require the use of a lot of muscles or joints at once, it’s unlikely you’ll have any further injuries. Walking is often recommended as a treatment for back injuries. Being sedentary will make your recovery time longer, since your muscles will start to weaken if they’re not used.

The most important thing to remember when you’re recovering from an injury is to take it slowly, and always listen to your physiotherapist and/or doctor. When you come to CBD Physiotherapy, you’ll be looked after by caring and qualified physiotherapists, who will find the best treatment and exercise programs for you. If you’re suffering from any kind of sports injuries, our sports physiotherapists will assign you exercises to strengthen the injured area.

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By Ashton Lucas
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