Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain can be intense, distracting and can make it difficult to sleep. That crick in the neck that just won’t go away can really impact on your lifestyle if you don’t act – but fortunately it is something our physiotherapists in Sydney are able to treat.

During your consultation we will help to relieve any neck pain you may be experiencing and ensure you are given the correct neck and back exercise program to overcome your injury or discomfort.

Here are some back and shoulder exercises that can help relieve pain and strengthen your neck muscles in the mean time:

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

1. Stand or sit with your back completely straight, looking straight ahead.
2. Tuck your chin towards your chest slightly and keep your shoulders back
3. Slowly squeeze your shoulder blades as closely and hard together as you can, without it causing pain. Hold this for five seconds and repeat ten times

Chin Tucks

1. Sit or stand upright with your back and neck straight, facing straight ahead
2. Pull your chin towards your neck until you feel a stretch. Don’t continue with this stretch if you feel any pain
3. Hold for three seconds and repeat ten times

Static Extension

1. Sit or stand with your back upright, with your shoulders back and face straight ahead, stay in this position until you have finished the exercise
2. Put your hand behind your head and keep it there while you push your head back slowly. Stop this exercise if you feel any pain
3. Hold for three seconds and repeat the exercise ten times

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