General Physiotherapy

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a clinical science-based discipline in the health care profession. Physiotherapists are highly skilled medical professionals who are experts in human movement and who are trained to assess and diagnose problems that limit your mobility or cause you pain and then offer treatments to improve these conditions for you.

At CBD Physiotherapy in Sydney, we believe in using an evidence-based approach. That means we don’t make assumptions based on previous patients that we have seen and the presentation of their injuries – we look at you as an individual and treat you as one too. As well as treating pain, stiffness and dysfunction, our physiotherapists also play an important role in preventing problems from occurring or returning through thorough assessment of movement and rehabilitation programs, exercises and advice.

Our physios use a variety of treatment modalities to manage and rehabilitate your injuries – including manual and electrotherapy techniques.

We commonly use manual treatments for musculoskeletal and sports injuries and include techniques such as joint mobilisations, manipulations, massage, stretching as well as shoulder and knee physiotherapy.

Electrotherapy modalities use technology to assist in diagnosis and treatment including such things as ultrasound, TENS machines, interferential and laser to provide pain relief and promote healing.

We don’t rule out any treatment that has proven effectiveness, and that is why our physiotherapists are also trained in acupuncture and dry needling to support our other treatments.

Necks, backs and shoulders

At CBD Physiotherapy our qualified physiotherapists have comprehensive experience in dealing with necks, backs and shoulders. Most of us are troubled at some point in our lives with back, shoulder or neck pain. It can come from nowhere, with no precipitating incident, and it can be painful and debilitating. The pain may occur suddenly and be gone in a couple of days, or it may last for weeks or even longer.

When you present to us with this kind of pain our physios will conduct a thorough assessment to identify the problem, followed with treatment for the joints, nerves, muscles, ligaments or discs that are the root cause. This may be with hands-on treatment such as massage, manipulation and mobilisation, or through electrotherapy such as ultrasound. Usually this will be combined with an exercise program for you to carry out at home along with advice about improving your posture.

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