Back Pain Treatment

While any part of your back can cause you pain, lower back pain is the most common with about 80% of Australians experiencing it at some point in their life time. Our physiotherapists in Sydney encounter a range of back injuries every day and have comprehensive experience in treating back pain. They are able to relieve your pain and treat the problem in your initial consultation and then give you a back exercise program to help strengthen the area.

There are some things you can do to relieve pain from a back injury but it’s important to see one of our Sydney physiotherapists if it continues.

What You Can Do Before A Consultation:

1. Avoid staying seated for long periods of time. It’s a good idea to try to keep moving and do some gentle or light back exercises – but nothing too strenuous: you might aggravate the injury further.
2. Use ice on the area to help with any swelling you might be experiencing.
3. Pain medication, as recommended by a doctor, will help. Always check the dosage with a doctor or pharmacist before taking any medication.
4. Avoid stretching. If performed incorrectly, you may injure the area further and make the pain worse.

We offer a range of treatments for back pain including remedial massage, tissue massage, acupuncture and anti-inflammatory medicine. Our physiotherapists will put together an exercise program for you, so you can continue to stretch and strengthen the affected area after the consultation.

We are also big believers in the recuperative power of Pilates exercises and will include these in your treatment program.

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