Back Pain Treatment

At some stage in life, 80% of us are likely to experience some sort of back pain, whether it’s accidental or chronic, muscular or skeletal. Back issues most commonly present in the form of lower back pain and are not restricted to age, fitness level or size.

Back pain can stem from muscle and ligament tears, bulging or ruptured disks, arthritis or osteoporosis. Pain can appear sharp or dull, while stationary or moving around and can vary from person to person.

Back pain is commonly correlated to:

Pregnancy – as you are carrying extra weight that your body and muscles surrounding your back may not be developed to hold.

Bad posture – which puts extra pressure on the spine when lifting heavy items during physical work (eg builders, plumbers, etc.) or weights at the gym.

Accidental falls – twisting or turning in unnatural ways is a very common way to sprain or tear muscles and ligaments which are otherwise unused.

Sports – associated with overuse, especially in sports that require repetitive actions such as golf, or if you are using incorrect techniques.

Lower back pain treatment options include:

Massage, both remedial and tissue
– Acupuncture
– Anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and pressure
– Rehabilitation exercises and stretches to strengthen muscles surrounding the spine.
– Pilates – used to help improve and build your core, which supports the spine

At CBD Physio we will tailor a lower back pain treatment plan for your individual needs, making sure that the treatment options are comfortable and beneficial for short-term and long-term rehabilitation. Our physiotherapists strive to reduce discomfort and pain and increase movement by using a variety of treatment options singularly or in combination.

Prevention Strategies

Our physiotherapists are always on the lookout for ways to improve your body’s health; we do this by not restricting our attention solely on the injury you have, but also by looking beyond the obvious.

The prevention strategies we employ include strengthening exercises and stretches to build muscle and provide support to reduce any pressure and likelihood of re-injury.

We can also give advice on appropriate shoes and ergonomically-certified supports to make sure you are informed and armed with everything you need to ensure no further injury occurs in the future.

For more information on lower back pain treatment, drop into our Sydney clinic located in the heart of the CBD or call us on 02 9223 3122 to make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

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