Physiotherapy Services

We offer a full range of physiotherapy services:

  • General Physiotherapy

    Our Sydney CBD practice offers general physiotherapy services to help you with your aches and pains. Our experienced physiotherapists will always find a treatment suitable for you and your circumstances.

  • Back Pain Treatment

    Back pain can be one of the most debilitating types of pain to experience. Whether you have recently injured your back or need assistance in finding the appropriate exercises to regain mobility and reduce pain for an existing condition, our physiotherapists in Sydney will find the best solution for you. We offer physiotherapy and massage treatment to manage back pain or injuries.

  • Shoulder Injury Treatment

    Reduced mobility and pain in the shoulder can have a serious effect on your daily life, with simple actions like showering or driving becoming painful and difficult experiences. Our physiotherapists will treat your shoulder injuries with therapeutic or massage treatment to assist you get back to how it was pre-injury.

  • Neck Pain Treatment

    Our physiotherapists can come up with the best treatment for your neck pain. We offer physiotherapy and massage treatment, and can assign you back and shoulder exercises to manage your pain.

    • Sports Injury Physio

      Injuries are part of enjoying sporting activities, but they don’t have to take you out of the game for good. We offer experienced sports physiotherapists to treat your sports injuries and get you back with the team and kicking goals again.

    • Deep Tissue Massage

      Deep Tissue Massage is an effective treatment that targets the deeper layers of muscles and fascia in your body – leading to great results for pain reduction. Our experienced physiotherapists will use this treatment to assist you with your injuries.

    • Pregnancy Massage

      Pregnancy can be a difficult journey for any woman, but there are physio techniques available that can ease the pain that goes along with it. Pregnancy massage can help to make you feel more comfortable in this exciting time. Ask our experienced physiotherapists about this treatment today.

    • Women’s Health Advice

      In addition to pregnancy massage, we also offer women’s health advice and physio treatment for those problems that only affect the fairer sex. You can have confidence in the discretion and experience of our physiotherapists in treating these matters.