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Conditions of Treatment
I hereby acknowledge and understand that should my claim be rejected in any way that I will be responsible for payment of accounts for any and all physiotherapy services received.

I understand that should I cancel or not attend a scheduled appointment without providing at least 4 hours notice that a cancellation fee of $40.00 will be charged. Not attending an appointment is an inconvenience to the clinic, our other patients, and generally means you require more treatment to recover.

Your “Informed Consent” is required for all treatment provided by this practice.
• You may withdraw your consent at any time. Treatment will cease if consent is withdrawn.
• If you become uncomfortable with your treatment at any time please inform your physio.
• All forms of treatment carry some risk. Risks will be explained prior to treatment at which time you may choose to continue or discontinue treatment.

I give consent for treatment. I agree to this consent remaining valid until such time as I withdraw my consent. I also agree and give consent for my case to be discussed with interested parties. I am fully aware that part of my treatment may include physical “hands on” therapy.