Physio vs Massage? Do Physio’s do massage?

  • Physiotherapists are trained to provide soft tissue release as well as joint mobilisation and exercise therapy. If you have a soft tissue injury, typically the joints surrounding will be stiff as well and we will treat both. A Physiotherapist will not likely spend the treatment session doing only massage, however we will provide some remedial massage treatment if it is appropriate for your specific injury.
  • A Physiotherapist will treat the cause of the pain, not just the source of the pain. If your problem is persistent and responds well to massage in the short term, but keeps recurring, you may need a Physiotherapy assessment to determine what imbalances are contributing to your problem.
  • Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy are often great in conjunction with each other. Choosing a Massage Therapist who is registered and meets certain Australian educational qualifications is highly recommended. All Physiotherapists are required to complete a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in Physiotherapy and pass competency exams to practice. All three of the therapists in our clinic are Master’s trained Physiotherapists.

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