Reducing Childhood Obesity

Around two-thirds of the population are overweight or obese.  So what can be done, and what are physiotherapists doing, to specifically combat the problem among children? For the first time in a century, we may be about to enter an era where children’s life expectancy will drop. If current trends continue, obesity will shortly surpass smoking...
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Difference Between Deep Tissue and Remedial Massage

Are you trying to decide which massage is best for you?It can be hard to differentiate between remedial and deep tissue massage at first glance. They both pay more attention to distressed muscles and they both provide a deeper and more intense massage. However, both massages are designed to meet particular needs.Remedial Massage• Works on specific...
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What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

cbdphysio, plantar fasciitis treatment, massagePlantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain, which frustrates patients and practitioners alike because of its resistance to treatment. It has been associated with obesity, middle age, and biomechanical abnormalities in the foot, such as tight Achilles tendon, pes cavus (high...
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