Tips to Help Prevent Work Injuries

Do you find yourself suffering from the same aches each day you come home from work? CBD Physio have put together a few tips that will help prevent workplace injuries.Hands and Fingers
  1. Stretch one arm in front of you with your palm face down. Lift your fingers up and use your other hand to pull...
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CBD Physio – Why Choose Us?

At CBD Physio, we offer treatment for a range of injuries. We believe it’s important to work with you to find the most effective treatment and help you to prevent the injury from reoccurring. Our staff are highly qualified and use an analytical approach in the prevention, diagnosis and therapeutic management of muscle and...
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5 Tips to Lose That Belly Fat

You tell yourself you are putting in the work to slim down your midsection, but the mirror is telling you something entirely different. There’s your belly, hanging over your belt. What’s that about?Before you lose the belt, remember that there’s more at stake than looking buff. Excess belly fat can tag along with a list of...
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